Hello, World.

Five year old I

It all started with writing poems. I felt a very first wave of inspiration at the age of five and wrote a love sonnet to my sister. It was followed by poems about season changes or how cool was the school. Last time I visited family home, I came across my little pink poem book. I giggled so much it made me cry and gave me extensive stomach muscles pains. I’ll dig it out again one day and share some of my first masterpieces with you so you can hopefully cry out of laughter too.

Grandads stories

I was a little hyperactive child. My family used to tell me that I didn’t learn how to walk, instead learnt how to run. So in the evenings to calm me down and make me go to sleep, Grandad used to tell goodnight stories. It was probably also to shush me up! ;). Every single story was rhymed (yup! Rock’n’roll Grandad) and my favourite one was Cinderella. Thinking about it now, they definitely had a massive effect on my writing and imagination. Thank you, Grandad.

Active summer break with my childhood inspirational Heroes. Super patient master of storytelling Grandad, two creative ladies Mum & Grandma, my sister & hyperactive I.

Summer holiday

One summer holiday, as I was turning into still hyperactive teenage girl, my poems turned into first-crush-ever kinda stories I would write and read out to my sister and cousins. And they loved them. Every evening before supper, the living room would turn into a small performance stage and I’d read out one chapter of what I could only now call “schoolgirl soap opera story”. A lot of suspense and even more laughs. The short stories notebook didn’t survive though like my poem book did. Maybe it’s a good thing for all of us after all..

Cave girl incident

I’ve got to admit to something. Before the poems and the short stories, there were drawings. I started drawing like a proper little cave girl at the age of three.. on my grandma’s apartment walls! I remember this very moment as it was the only time Grandma told me off. One slap later and I chose drawing pads ever since. Every. Single. Time.

Arabic market
Arabic market sketch obviously inspired by the cinema trip to watch Aladdin, age 9.


So as you can already tell, it’s always been all about art and active lifestyle for me. And it definitely hasn’t changed 🙂 As I’m writing my first ever Organic Mind blog post, more and more stories come to my head but I hold off in hope you come back for more (that same suspense I tried on my cousins with teenage crush stories haha!).

What I would love to say though, the arty and active part of me were massively influenced by the girls in my family. My beautiful sisters who would put up with the high energy levels at all times, Mom who used to draw like Picasso and then turned her sketching skills into knitting most beautiful jumpers. And Grandma of course, sitting by her sewing machine creating stunning clothes for us all. Later on in my life, some really special Friends would influence and teach me all about different aspects of healthy living or art, you know who you are Ladies. And I will make sure you meet them soon.

Princess dress
Winter Ball ’91. My grandma’s creative fashion design and sewing skills! She made this beautiful Princess gown by adding blue tulle to an old summer dress, a tiara out of paper & sequins and a golden mask stuck to a very long pencil. And yes, I’m one super proud six year old.

Short ‘n’ sweet summary

I feel all those healthy and arty lifestyle choices just have to be shared. I’d love Organic Mind to be all about inspiring you with other people’s stories and my own experiences as well. I’ll share as much as I can with you and really hope to hear back from you. It’s all about creating and enjoying the beauty of Organic Mind together.